Risotto with dried porcini mushrooms – risotto ai funghi porcini secchi

Washing Up risotto with dried porcini mushrooms – risotto ai funghi porcini secchi

Man and dog: partners in crime – and the punishment that follows…  Continue reading

Risotto al tartufo bianco / Risotto with white truffle

truffle hunting career counselling

Having been ruled out of a career in investment banking by his limited counting skills, Fidget thought that life as a truffle hunter could be the next best thing. And considering the eye-watering prices of those little white darlings, one can understand his change of direction… Continue reading

Risotto with sausage and pumpkin

any more pumpkins left

Careful readers will have noticed that the pumpkin gets a lot of airtime at Fidget and the Rowes. Why? Well, the Rowes’ extended family have been blessed with a bumper crop of the crusty old orange vegetable this year. So, if you don’t like pumpkins, look away now, but if you do… Continue reading