It all started with Salmon’s new hairstyle. Then Trota grew a nose.

The Rowes are on a roll and there’s no stopping them now. Please be patient while we grapple with our cross-platform transformation. The blog is now called Chez Rowe and we hope you’ll continue to follow us in the cartoon kitchen.

Banana bread

banana bread

It’s understandable that poor old Fidget (and maybe even Salmon) might want to level the score with Trota from time to time, but let’s hope this is more a case of wishful thinking than actual planning, or it could be pet aisle basics for a month – for man and dog… Continue reading

Chocolate truffle cake

chocolate cake skniffing

…it’s true, there’s something* in most chocolate that doesn’t agree with dogs, but you can’t help feeling that Trota really just wanted to have her cake and eat it (all). And having helped all morning in the cartoon kitchen, Fidget was well cheesed off (as you can imagine) – but then there’s always something else to look forward to… Continue reading