Bucatini alla carbonara


The name’s origin is debateable, but folklore associates it with charcoal workers (carbonari). To recreate the mood, Trota tasked Salmon and Fidget with some flue maintenance. Quite an ask, so you might think the duo’s reward would be forthcoming. But no – Trota, mistress of delayed gratification, insists that only after a thorough shower are our heroes re-admitted to the cartoon kitchen to finally tuck in. Continue reading

Chocolate truffle cake

chocolate cake skniffing

…it’s true, there’s something* in most chocolate that doesn’t agree with dogs, but you can’t help feeling that Trota really just wanted to have her cake and eat it (all). And having helped all morning in the cartoon kitchen, Fidget was well cheesed off (as you can imagine) – but then there’s always something else to look forward to… Continue reading

French-style fruit tart


French patisserie goes down a treat in the Rowe household; if Salmon is out fishing (he says) for the day, that is… Not always easy to get a good result, but Trota is very determined… Continue reading