Buttermilk chicken schnitzel

Buttermilk chicken schnitzel

Sing along if you know the words…  Continue reading

Lemon chicken goujons with classic salad

 chicken goujons chicken nuggets

Not that we’re calorie counters in the cartoon kitchen, oh no, but it’s been noticed that someone (aka Fidget) has been a little indulgent of late. On such occasions Trota takes charge and imposes a leaner – but hopefully still delicious – regime. But when she does, she needs to move fast and be slyly creative because Fidget is not easily fooled… Continue reading

Chicken in oyster sauce with oyster mushroom and stir-fry vegetables

oyster sauce

A simple misunderstanding almost landed Fidget and Salmon in hot water, but Trota certainly put them straight and things soon picked up – in fact Fidget went on to rustle up a very decent meal. Continue reading