Pumpkin and mushroom lasagne – Lasagna zucca e funghi

lasagna pumpkin in the rucksack

Believe it or not, Trota was in charge of the packing… 

Pumpkin and mushroom lasagne – Lasagna zucca e funghi

pumpkin and mushroom lasagna – lasagne zucca e funghi

… too good to be left behind, Trota was understandably determined to bring back at least two of the beautiful 40-strong pumpkin crop yielded this year by the Rowes’ vegetable plot in the sun.

Inspired by a recipe in the GialloZafferano magazine (November 2017)  for this heart-warming bumper batch of lasagne – suitable for a party, a large table or to be frozen in portions – we used: 1kg pumpkin (cleaned, peeled and cut in 2cm cubes then boiled for 7–8 minutes until just tender), 1kg chestnut mushrooms (cleaned, cut, fried with a little olive oil and a clove of garlic), 650g sausage meat (browned and seasoned), 500ml freshly made béchamel sauce (here is the link, just double the ingredients), 250g good quality mozzarella, 100g freshly grated parmesan, and about 300g of dried lasagne pasta sheets.

Prepare all your toppings first, as above. Then, when you are ready to assemble, boil a kettle of water, pour the hot water in a separate heat-resistant bowl and briefly dip the pasta sheets before using them to create your layers as follows: pasta, pumpkin, mushrooms, sausage meat, béchamel, mozzarella, a sprinkle of parmesan… Then start with another layer of pasta and keep going until you have used up all the ingredients.

Place in a pre-heated oven at 180C for about an hour.

True, it was a bit of a palaver bringing those bumper pumpkins back but, oh boy, it was worth it! And although Salmon doesn’t know it yet, he’s been lined up to lug the next batch already.