Chocolate mini-tarts – Crostatine al cioccolato

Hot Summer Caldo Estivo cartoon Crostatina al cioccolato

Indeed, what could be better? 

Chocolate mini-tarts – Crostatine al cioccolato

Crostatina al cioccolato Chocolate mini-tarts

At this time of the year, toiling in a hot kitchen can be a bit of a turn-off. Phew! And with temperatures in central Europe reaching the mid-40s, it’s probably best that we all take it easy, stay indoors if possible and drink plenty of water.

Albeit that they’re based rather north of the big heat, the Rowes are also remaining well chilled, keeping things simple with quick snacks, fresh salads and fruits. This week’s recipe is an easy adaptation (here is the link) of a jam crostata that we made a little while ago – just different jam (now raspberry), no lemon zest, and 30g of the flour replaced with 30g of cocoa powder. Same method and the result is equally delicious…perfect to round off that balmy picnic.

Meanwhile, on a seasonal styling note: perhaps Salmon would have been better off with a low fade summer cut after all…