The tale of a cast-iron pan – and the roast potatoes

Flog It And Quick vintage store cast-iron pan

… which is more or less the conversation that occurred on a recent visit to the Rowes’ favourite vintage shop… 

The tale of a cast-iron pan – and the roast potatoes

Roast Potatoes Flog It And Quick vintage store cast-iron pan

Regular readers will know that Trota has a thing for vintage: never happier than in a collectibles emporium, her hometown favourite is called Flog It & Quick. She visits regularly.

This time, with Salmon and Fidget hanging loose outside, Trota was eyeing the extensive stock and her heart nearly stopped when, across the uncrowded room, she spotted this beautiful yellow/orange cast-iron Cousances (now Le Creuset) pan.

Displaying remarkable agility – no way was she going to miss out on such a beautiful bargain – she pounced triumphantly and hauled the heavy treasure to the till, where she was met by the quizzical young assistant. Preparing to wrap it, he commented “you could use it to hit a burglar”, prompting Trota’s surprising riposte…

Sure enough, the colourful Cousances has become a firm favourite chez Rowe, as it cooks food wonderfully. Here we showcase the humble but magnificent roast potato, which can be served alongside your favourite Sunday roast.

Chez Rowe, we first parboil the potatoes (skin on) for 10min or so until tender – test with a sharp knife and the blade will go in 1–2cm. We take them out of the water, cool a little, then remove the skin (gently, without crushing). Finally we cut them into chunks and toss them in a bowl with olive oil, salt and rosemary, mixing and coating well before transferring to the ovenware.

Baked alongside your roast until they are golden and beautifully crispy on the outside, they will be soft and delicious still on the inside. Yes, we know, not rocket science, but what a difference a perfect pan can make!

And Salmon can relax – Trota was only joking: this pan’s much too precious to risk damaging it …