Rhubarb crumble with light custard

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe Custard In Gravy Boat

Cheeky so and so… 

Rhubarb crumble with light custard

rhubarb crumble recipe with light custard

… and just because the lovely custard was served in a vintage vessel that he didn’t approve of!

OK, hands up, custard is not best served in a gravy boat – however delightful – but it rather misses the point that our host with the most had thoroughly applied herself to making this delicious crumble for the Rowes’ rhubarb-loving guests.

For the filling you will need 600–700g rhubarb washed and cut in chunks, 80g granulated sugar. For the topping 100g butter cubed, 120g plain flour, 70g demerara sugar, 70g almonds roughly chopped, 2 tbsp jumbo oats.

Mix the rhubarb and granulated sugar and place in an oven-proof dish. If you don’t like your crumble too juicy (ie soggy) you might want to pre-roast in the oven for 4–5min for the rhubarb to release some of its juices, which you can then pour off  before you add  the toppings.

If you do like your crumble juicy, simply make the topping thus. In a food processor, place the butter, flour and demerara sugar and whizz until the texture is sand-like. Take it out of the food processor and mix with the almonds and oats.

Cover the rhubarb with the crumble mix and bake in a pre-heated oven at 190°C for 35–40min until the crust is cooked and golden. Serve warm with your favourite yellow sauce.

Now, about that custard…when not pressed for time we like to make our own, usually just enough to eat in one go. We normally use cream, but in this case – as it followed a pretty substantial meal – we decided to make a light version using just milk.

To make this custard you will need: 200ml full-fat milk, 1/3 vanilla pod, 1 egg yolk, 1 scant tsp cornflour, 1 tbsp caster sugar. Warm the milk in a pan with the vanilla pod (seeds scraped into the milk) until just boiling, then remove from the heat and let the vanilla infuse (when infused to taste, remember to remove the vanilla pod). Meanwhile, in a separate bowl mix egg yolk, sugar and cornflour to a smooth paste. Pour into the milk, stir well and cook on moderate heat stirring continuously until the custard thickens. Not as indulgent as the full cream version, but the waistline will thank you for it.

And ignore any gratuitously offensive comments about the unsuitability of your thoroughly researched and carefully chosen serving vessel – just enjoy!