Trofie noci e dolcelatte – Trofie pasta with dolcelatte cheese and walnuts

Agony Hound trofie pesto dolcelatte walnuts

… now that’s a proper conundrum… 

Trofie noci e dolcelatte – Trofie pasta with dolcelatte cheese and walnuts

Trofie dolcelatte noci walnuts

… you want to cook trofie but you don’t like pesto! Happily, the Rowes are ever ready to respond sensitively to such dilemmas with thoughtful suggestions.

And one alternative to pesto for trofie (a traditional type of pasta made in the Liguria region of Italy) is a combination of gorgonzola and walnuts. We do love gorgonzola chez Rowe, but there is yet another option, and this is dolcelatte. Dolcelatte is similar to gorgonzola, just a little milder in taste and much creamier… and oh so very suitable for melting.

To make this simple, quick and tasty dish you will need: trofie pasta (we recommend about 70–80g dried pasta equivalent per each portion), 50–60g dolcelatte (assuming you are making this for two people), a bit of butter (5–10g), 10 walnut halves chopped, 1 tbsp milk.

Melt the dolcelatte and butter with milk in a bowl – either gently in the microwave or, if you have mastered this technique during your student days, over a pan of boiling water, perhaps even the same one you are using for the pasta.

Cook the trofie for the recommended time minus one minute (they have to be cooked but retain a slight bite), drain and reserve a couple of tbsp cooking water. Toss the trofie in the bowl with the melted dolcelatte. Add half of the chopped walnuts and the reserved cooking water. Mix well so that it’s all oozing and decadent-looking. Sprinkle with the remaining chopped walnuts and serve at once.

Oh… our hearts are melting chez Rowe, this dish is superb! No point fretting over your pesto: it’s dolcelatte and walnuts every time, if you ask us!