Yes, it’s spaghetti harvesting time again!

Pasta On Trees Spaghetti HarvestingNot a bad crop, all things considered, but the Rowes still might try planting a different variety next year … 

Yes, it’s spaghetti harvesting time again!

Fresh Pasta home-made spaghetti tagliatelle linguine

This week, after long months of tending, watering, weeding and pruning, the harvesting teams on site finally got the ‘thumbs up’ and have swung into round-the-clock activity. All their hard work – from sowing in autumn to ploughing and watering over the winter – comes to fruition in the next few days.

Over the years, the Rowes have tried cultivating various types of pasta: linguine, tagliatelle and spaghetti. All grow well in the local temperate climate, though tagliatelle requires more watering overall and benefits from regular rainfall. On the other hand, spaghetti seems to do best in harder/drier soil and can cope with more extreme weather. South-facing exposure is a must for bumper crops of plump, juicy linguine.

Although Trota is keen to try the latest engineered varieties, Salmon is very much anti-GM, so he shouldn’t complain if the spaghetti’s not 100% tangle-free or of consistent length – or, indeed, if the linguine are slightly bent.

Anyway, today we rightly celebrate the 2017 pasta harvest. So if you’re fortunate enough to be growing your own, gather the strands carefully, let them dry in the sun if you can, and store in cool and dry conditions – they will keep for several days. Combine with the freshest sauce of your choice and enjoy with all your family and friends.

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