Sizzling garlic prawns

microwave instructions

… Well, at least three – if the Rowe household is anything to go by. 

Sizzling garlic prawns

microwave garlic prawns

No fans of the microwave as a rule, today the Rowes are determined to overcome their prejudice.

Their spur to action is the JML Microwave Hot Pot. One of Trota’s impulse buys, the Hot Pot (and more than a few other must-haves) got packed and relocated unopened in its original shop wrapping for at least a couple of moves…until the day came when Trota decided it was time for it to shine. The beauty of this little microwave pot is that, like a tagine, it has a steam chimney which allows excess moisture to escape but, at the same time, keeps the food succulent. And what better than this sizzling garlic prawn recipe to put it to the test!

The pot is small, it has to be said, and probably fits just one portion as a main, but of course a light starter can be happily shared between two people and one fictional dog.

So, adapted from the Hot Pot’s own recipe book, to make this quick finger-licking starter you will need: 12 king prawns (cleaned and deveined), 1 clove garlic grated, ½ small fresh chilli finely chopped, 1 tsp butter, 1 tbsp white wine, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley, seasonings.

Place the garlic, butter and white wine in your Hot Pot. Lid on and microwave for 40 seconds to melt the butter. Add the prawns, lemon and chilli, and stir well so that the prawns are coated with the garlic/wine/butter sauce. Lid on again and microwave for 1 min. The prawns should be pink when cooked (if not, give it a few more seconds). Lightly season and sprinkle with the chopped parsley. Job done! Fuss-free, delicious and very satisfying.

Microwave mastered. That’s teamwork, eh? A bit like being in a band…

So now, with Trota on bass guitar, Fidget at the drums and Salmon on, well frankly who knows… we are ready to rock and roll!