Aubergine and salmon mini-rolls / Involtini melanzana e salmone (anti-pancia)

Fidget on the scales PerdiPeso recipe

No, Fidget isn’t hoverboarding: he’s trying to cheat the scales… 

Aubergine and salmon mini-rolls / Involtini melanzana e salmone (anti-pancia)

salmon and aubergine rolls PerdiPeso recipe

Anticipating the festive season, and riding the wave of Trota’s latest dieting success, Fidget – to prove he’s no lightweight – thought that he, too, might try one of the PerdiPeso recipes. Well-impressed that this is billed as an anti-pancia (flabby tummy) recipe, and particularly easy to make, Fidget got going.

For one person you will need: 4 thin slices of aubergine, 4 slices of smoked salmon, a few chives, mustard, olive oil and seasonings. If you have time beforehand, sprinkle the aubergine slices with salt and leave them in a colander (with a bowl underneath) for an hour or so to release the bitter juices, then thoroughly rinse with water and pat-dry with kitchen roll. Next, in a hot, oil-free griddle-pan, griddle and turn the aubergine slices until they develop those oh-so-attractive charred markings on both sides and allow to cool. Spread a thin coat of mustard on each slice, top with salmon, roll and tie neatly with a chive. Season and dress with a few drops of olive oil. Supertasty and only 210kcal! Who’d have thought that something so flab-defyingly delicious would be this simple. It’s a win–win!

Another success, Fidget – you can breathe out now!