The tuna and the peas – yes, the Rowes are back!

The Move

So much for Salmon’s meticulous planning…! 

The tuna and the peas – yes, the Rowes are back!

pasta tuna and peas tonno e piselli

Regular readers will know that the Rowes have moved. After weeks spent packing at one end and unpacking at the other, finally the new cartoon kitchen is up and running. But not without its share of trials and tribulations, indeed not… Anyway, with the empty removal van heading off into the distance, Fidget exhausted by all that box-shifting, the sun going down at last…and three bellies rumbling into the late evening, what can the Rowes rustle up to reframe the day? Well – there is always the one and only, the infallible, tried and trusted pasta with tuna and peas.

A can of tuna (drained) and a can of peas is all you need (plus pasta, of course). Put a glug of olive oil in a frying pan, add the drained peas and fry gently. Introduce the tuna, breaking it up into chunks and adding a little more olive oil if you think necessary.

Separately, cook 150g of medium-size pasta (farfalle, penne) to al dente minus one minute; drain and quickly toss it in with the tuna and pea sauce. Serve at once. Satisfying, quick and easy – just right for one of those seemingly endless days… So, keep going Fidget: just these few more boxes to bring indoors and we’ll be done for the day – and with the unpacking still to look forward to!