King prawns Carluccio’s way

Carluccio butterflied prawns

This is a simple pasta dish, but – as with so many things Italian – it doesn’t have to be complicated because quality ingredients are the key. 

King prawns Carluccio’s way

Carluccio butterflied prawns

Preparation, though, is a labour of love: you will need to butterfly your prawns one by one with a small knife before they are ready to cook. We used bucatini (pasta trafilata a bronzo), but any thick spaghetti or linguine will do. Cook your pasta for the al dente recommended time minus one minute.

Start by preparing the prawn sauce. Buy the best fresh giant prawns you can get your hands on (about 250g for two people) with the shell still on, ideally. This time we got ones with just the tail. Butterfly and de-vein them (if you need guidance, this video will show you how to butterfly prawns). Prepare all the ingredients beforehand as you will have to work quickly and without distractions – if Fidget gets in the way, maybe just give him a packed lunch and send him fishing with Salmon.

Have ready a good quality extra virgin olive oil (evo, as it’s known), one fresh red chilli, a clove of garlic, a small bunch of flat-leaf parsley (all finely chopped), and a splash of white wine (50ml or so).

Start cooking your pasta. When it’s a few minutes from ready, in a separate pan begin gently heating a glug of olive oil with the garlic and chilli. Add the butterflied prawns and gently fry until they turn pink (ie are cooked) then add the wine. Drain the pasta and quickly toss it in the sauce. Sprinkle with parsley, quickly mix again and serve immediately.

And yes, our ever-helpful Fidget did get sent on an errand – because you just can’t be using a meat cleaver to butterfly your prawns.