From old England all the way to Sydney – Happy Birthday Frankie

Happy Birthday Frankie

16 May is a special day down under…

From old England all the way to Sydney – Happy Birthday Frankie


Because, yes – it’s Fidget’s friend Frankie’s birthday! The Rowes take this opportunity to wish him a very groovy day and many happy returns!

And to celebrate, what could be better than one of Frankie’s own favourite recipes? A big fan of the bruschetta and a true master maker – here’s a link to that most simple and tasty of snacks: the one and only Frankie’s bruschetta.

So, Frankie, whether you are lighting your barbeque on the beach and sizzling your bruschetta bread, or remembering sitting in a quaint Derbyshire tea-house with carrot cake and a cup of strong brew in front of you, make May 16 a very special day. And not a noisy old fashioned till in sight…

Happy Birthday! Tanti auguri!

PS: if you think that Frankie and Ottolenghi might be twins separated at birth, not so: our resident cartoonists are still honing their caricature skills.