Chocolate decorations

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Oh dear, Master Rowe is in trouble…

Chocolate decorations

tempered chocolate decorations

You’d think it would be possible to find suitable material to make a pattern for chocolate decorations without attacking the living room curtains, wouldn’t you? Moving on…

In fact, there’s such an oh so easy way, you wouldn’t believe it. People get intimidated when tempering chocolate because it’s a risky business – get it wrong and you’re left with dull, lifeless stuff that’s lost all its lustre. And especially at this time of the year, if we want to make something special for our Valentine, what better than lovingly hand-crafted chocolate cake decorations?

Somewhere, Trota came across a foolproof method (doesn’t remember where, sorry), tried it, and it worked beautifully.

First, you need to draw your shapes on an A4 sheet of paper (yes, Fidget) with a thick marker, making sure the design has a ‘core’ strong enough to support the decoration on the cake. Cover the paper with a see-through sheet of baking parchment.

Take your chocolate (we prefer dark 75% plus) and grate it coarsely. To melt, put 2/3 in a bowl and, stirring occasionally, microwave in 10sec bursts until creamy. Add the remaining 1/3, mix well, give it another 5sec in the microwave and you are ready to pipe. Use a disposable piping bag (available in baking stores) and cut a very small hole for the chocolate to come out; use it like a thick pen and quickly ‘draw’ the see-through shapes onto the baking parchment.

Allow to cool and dry fully. Then remove the chocolate decorations from the parchment and use to decorate your cake. This time we made a maccha cheesecake (here’s the link to the cheesecake recipe, to which you will add 3–4tsp maccha to taste).

Whose heart wouldn’t melt if presented with something so lovingly made? Happy Valentine’s, everyone. Oh, and Fidget, move away from those curtains, please.