Tagliatelle tricolore / Flag tagliatelle

Tricolore bandiera italiana

Green, white, red…red, white, green…? No, wait a minute! Green, white, red…no? Let me think…

Tagliatelle tricolore / Flag tagliatelle

tagliatelle tricolore pasta rucola burrata pomodori secchi sund-dried tomatoes

Well, considering that even Presidente del Consiglio (Italian prime minister) Matteo Renzi got it wrong recently, we shouldn’t be too harsh on poor old Fidget either.

Such trivia aside; this is a quick, delicious and patriotic treat that celebrates the classic colours of the Italian flag. Well worth making we reckon. Like most things simple and quick, it relies on good quality ingredients.

For two people you will need about 150g egg tagliatelle, a handful of sun-dried tomatoes (and some of the oil, if it’s the good stuff), about ½ a buffalo mozzarella, shredded, and a handful of fresh roquette salad.

Cook the tagliatelle to manufacturer’s instructions for al dente minus one minute. Meanwhile chop the sun-dried tomatoes and, in a separate pan, gently warm for a minute in 3–4 tbsp of its own or other good quality olive oil. Drain the tagliatelle but reserve a small cup of cooking water. Toss the tagliatelle into the sun-dried tomatoes, add the cooking water and quickly mix well. Sprinkle the mozzarella and the roquette on top, turn again and serve immediately.

Simple. What could possibly go wrong? Er, Fidget: it’s green, white and then red, for crying out loud.