Borough Market


Is Fidget starting a side-business? You might well ask…

Borough Market

market stall

Actually no. It’s just that the lovable foodhound got a bit carried away having visited this Aladdin’s cave of culinary delights this week – he can’t stop thinking about it. Better yet, Trota was there with the camera.

figs   mushrooms   nectarines

Beautiful displays of colourful fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce – wonderful fish, meat, delicatessen and artisan foods – Borough Market truly is a flavour-seeker’s paradise.


It’s open most days, but really comes alive Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Popular with chefs, city workers and deli hunters, Borough Market is a must-go if you are passionate about food.


fruits   tomatoes   vegetables

To find the best selection you need to get there early: preparations start a couple of hours before opening time.

market setting up   cheese   rhubarb and chards

And it can get really busy at peak hours…lunchtime especially.

queuing for food

So if you’re planning to visit London, or you live here and haven’t found time to stop by yet, you really must make it one of your destinations: quality bread, salami, cheese…the real deal.

artisan bread

bread stall   salami   cheese stall

Above all, though, it’s totally life-enhancing: stacks of fresh produce, a cheesy grin or two, and even the occasional self-conscious dad chancing a selfie…you really can’t go wrong.

fish stall   cheeky chappie market stall   dad taking a selfie