Steak with bagnetto green sauce

mezzaluna bagnetto green sauce

After overhearing Trota talking utensil essentials, Fidget concluded that the success of this dish depends on the phase of the moon…

Steak with bagnetto green sauce

bagnetto green sauce

So, having got the wrong end of the stick once again, Fidget deployed the key tool – the mezzaluna – in the middle of the night. And with all that action in the cartoon kitchen the entire household was up and about, including the somnambulant Salmon.

Of course, Fidget’s under-appreciated night shift was also unnecessary. But once they tasted the results of his efforts, everyone was won over. There are many versions of ‘green’ sauces: the one Fidget is making today is from the Piemonte region and is called bagnet (bagnetto).

You will need a very generous bunch of flat leaf parsley (stalks removed), 2 or 3 cloves of garlic, 2 or 3 fillets of anchovies in olive oil, and good quality olive oil to mix.

In a mortar, mash the garlic together with the anchovies to create a well-mixed paste. Chop the parsley with your mezzaluna (you really need this groovy tool because you want the parsley finely chopped but not food-processor-mushy).

Put the chopped parsley in a bowl, add the garlic/anchovy paste and stir in sufficient olive oil to the point where the sauce has the consistency of mayonnaise. Leave to rest in the fridge (the bowl covered with cling film – we warn you: the flavour is pungent) at least a couple of hours before serving.

Traditionally served with Bollito Piemontese (regional mixed meats), this sauce is delicious with a rare steak too, which is how the Rowes served it today.

Not for the faint-hearted, then, and you might stun a mosquito or two if they approach too closely, but boy, isn’t this delicious!

Well done Fidget!