Supersalad – the cartoon kitchen is on the move

cartoon kitchen on the move

Tender leaves, eggs, good quality tinned tuna, tomatoes…

Supersalad – the cartoon kitchen is on the move


‘…what’s extraordinary about that?’, we hear you saying. Well, nothing really. But the cartoon kitchen is relocating, and the Rowes are busy packing. Fidget too, who has been tasked with inventory and paper-wrapping all the pots, pans, tarte tins, soufflé dishes and Trota’s miscellaneous celebrity-endorsed labour-saving devices. That’ll keep him busy for a while…

So no utensil-hungry recipe this week (or ever, if Mr One-pot-philosophy prevails): just a simple, refreshing salad. The way we do it in the cartoon kitchen is with a base of fresh leaves mixed with whatever is available and takes your fancy, eg boiled eggs, tuna, sun dried tomatoes, a couple of anchovy fillets (finely chopped), fresh tomatoes, preserved artichokes hearts, olives, a drizzle of olive oil / balsamic vinegar and – tip of the week – we add an apple (cored, peeled and cut in 1cm cubes).

This is something Fidget learnt from an old friend with Caribbean connections who told us that in her family they always put apple in salads because it provides the zing. She was right – try it yourself and see!

So Fidget and the Rowes will be taking a break, but we’ll be back after Wimbledon with even more tastebud adventures – once Fidget has unwrapped and re-readied all the pots, pans, cups, saucers, dishes and cutlery, that is…

Happy summer everyone.