Roast pork with apples – a fine performance from the one-pot virtuoso

Trota's nails - pork and apples one-pot

With the head chef off duty this weekend, Salmon was able to shine with this sublime one-pot creation…

Roast pork with apples – a fine performance from the one-pot virtuoso

Pork and apples

Not strictly a one-pot, really, but near enough, so we’ll let him off this time. Inspired by the cover of the Delicious magazine (February 2015) Salmon has also adapted the recipe to his hunter/gatherer approach: unable to find the shoulder cut he went for the loin.

You will need: 1kg pork loin (or shoulder) skin scored for crackling, 150ml chicken stock, 100ml dry cider plus a splash for the gravy, 1tsp demerara sugar, whole garlic bulb halved across the middle, small bunch of sage, 4 apples scored all the way around the centre. Side dishes optional, we served with roast potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Oven 200°/gas mark 6, preheat. Rub salt over the pork and place in the middle of the roasting tin. Mix the cider, stock and sugar and pour into the tin (not over the pork). Add the garlic and sage. Start roasting: the time needs adjusting according to size, but for a 1kg cut we would expect roughly an hour and a half in total. Meanwhile, wash and score the apples then add them to the tin about an hour before the end of the cooking time and keep roasting.

When the meat is cooked (and the apples should be cooked too) take the pork and apples out (keep warm), transfer all the cooking juices – garlic, sage and all – into a small pan and boil to reduce to about half; when there, add a splash of cider. Filter through a sieve or, if you like your gravy quite meaty, just remove the garlic cloves and the sage. And yes, careful reader, we did say it wasn’t strictly a one-pot recipe…

In the meantime put the pork back in the roasting tin, raise the temperature to 240°/gas 9 and roast for 15min or so to really get the skin crisp then let rest for 10min before plating up. Serve the pork sliced with apples and the sauce, with side vegetables of your choosing.

Never one to complain when she is being wined and dined, today Trota has the best nails in town.