Lemon chicken goujons with classic salad

 chicken goujons chicken nuggets

Not that we’re calorie counters in the cartoon kitchen, oh no, but it’s been noticed that someone (aka Fidget) has been a little indulgent of late. On such occasions Trota takes charge and imposes a leaner – but hopefully still delicious – regime. But when she does, she needs to move fast and be slyly creative because Fidget is not easily fooled…

Lemon chicken goujons with classic salad

lemon chicken goujons

In fact, hearing the word ‘goujons‘, Fidget immediately thought ‘nuggets’ and pictured some paw-lickin’ treat. So imagine his puzzlement…because Trota has disguised this week’s ‘healthy’ option as Fidget’s favourite takeaway.

Easy to make and lip-smackin’ good, for this dish you will need 200g chicken mini-fillets, plain flour for coating and the juice of a large lemon (or two small ones).

Beat the mini-fillets so they are all the same thickness, about ½ cm (you can use a rolling pin or the base of a robust tumbler – very therapeutic, Trota says…) and coat lightly in flour. Fry them in a large pan (one that has a well-fitting lid) with 3tbsp olive oil, turning them over when they are golden. Be ready with the lemon juice (already squeezed into a cup, no pips please) and the lid: when the chicken is cooked, pour the lemon juice into the pan and cover immediately – you want to trap the steam. Shake the pan to coat the chicken goujons with lemon but keep the lid on tight, you don’t want the steam to escape. Less than a minute and they are done.

Present with a simple salad of mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes, with just a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Tender, juicy, full of flavour and good for you – no side order of fries needed.

Eating is believing.