Pesto and goat’s cheese pappardelle

goat's cheese pappardelle

Now although this week’s Chinese New Year celebrations had been mentioned en passant in the cartoon kitchen, Trota was clearly taken aback when Fidget turned up unexpectedly with new friend Billy.

Pesto and goat’s cheese pappardelle

goat's cheese pappardelle

But fortunately our goateed guest didn’t take her reaction too much to heart. And better yet, after their initial awkwardness (and with Trota feeling more than a little sheepish), Billy presented a gift-wrapped pack of the most amazing chèvre – all the more reason to make this super-quick dish.

Inspired by the Saclà Big Book of Pesto, for this recipe you will need 150g good quality egg pappardelle, 2tbsp pesto, 100g goat’s cheese, 30g roquette salad, zest of an untreated lemon, olive oil.

Start by preparing the ingredients for the sauce: in a bowl mix the pesto, goat’s cheese, lemon zest, roquette (roughly chopped) and 2tbsp olive oil. Meanwhile cook the pasta. A minute before it would become al dente, drain (reserving a couple of tbsp cooking water) and put back in the pan; add the sauce and – to loosen the mixture – the reserved cooking water. Mix very well and serve at once. Super-delicious!

Another close shave, but all’s well that ends well. Thank ewe, Billy, we’ll invite you again soon.