Salmon’s one pot – Shoulder of lamb

 Trota's Trotter

Poor Trota’s had her trotter trodden on the Tube (really), so, doctor’s orders, Salmon had to take over…

Salmon’s one pot – Shoulder of lamb

One Pot Shoulder of Lamb

Ever aware of preparation time, effort and economy of ingredients (basic, earthy he says…), this week’s recipe can be summarised in two words: hunted and gathered. You will need a shoulder of lamb, 2 potatoes, 3 carrots, a large sweet potato, 4 shallots, sprig of rosemary, couple of bay leaves. In your roasting tin – one with a lid, ideally – put a drizzle of olive oil, rest the lamb and surround it with vegetables, washed and cut in chunks. Cook at 160°/gas mark 3 for about three hours, the last ½ hour uncovered. Serve and tuck in.

A bit basic but Trota did enjoy being wined and dined, for a change.

Oh, and can she also have a cup of tea now, please Salmon?

And, Salmon, don’t forget the double chocolate praline truffle …

Painful – and not just for Trota.