Cannelloni with pumpkin and pancetta / Cannelloni zucca e pancetta


Fidget is trying hard to impress Fifi these days, but surely this is not the way to go! Unfortunately, with Salmon as partner-in-crime there’s no end to the chaos these buffoons could create in the cartoon kitchen… even turning it into a grooming parlour.

Cannelloni with pumpkin and pancetta / Cannelloni zucca e pancetta


cannelloniHaving regained control of the kitchen (and retrieved an unopened pack of cannelloni from the archive – lucky for some that it wasn’t the last one) Trota eventually got the day back on track. Inspired by a recipe from Sale e Pepe, this dish requires a bit of effort but can be prepared in advance. You will need 500g cooked (or canned) pumpkin, 40g butter, 80g parmesan cheese, a pinch of nutmeg, 100g ricotta cheese. This should fill about 16 cannelloni. For the topping you will need 150g pancetta (finely chopped), a small bunch of thyme, butter, some milk, and two dry amaretti biscuits (finely crushed).

Start with the pumpkin: clean it, cut it in slices and cook in the oven at 200°/gas mark 6 for about 30min until the pulp is tender. Weigh out 500g, mash with a fork and mix with the ricotta, 20g of the parmesan, the nutmeg and 4–5tbsp milk. Using a sac de poche, fill the (pre-boiled) cannelloni with the mixture. Line up your filled cannelloni neatly in a lightly buttered ovenproof dish. Mix the remaining parmesan with 5–6tbsp of milk and some butter and dot over the top. Cook in the oven for 20–25min at 180°/gas mark 4 (use the cooking time on your pack as a guide).

When you are nearly ready to serve, prepare the topping: fry the pancetta and the thyme. When cooked, sprinkle with the crushed amaretti and mix well. Serve the cannelloni dressed with this delicious crunchy topping.

In short, an elegant dish which can be prepared in advance and is likely to impress your guests – which is more than can be said for Fidget’s ludicrous attempt to wow Fifi with a new hairdo!