Risotto al tartufo bianco / Risotto with white truffle

truffle hunting career counselling

Having been ruled out of a career in investment banking by his limited counting skills, Fidget thought that life as a truffle hunter could be the next best thing. And considering the eye-watering prices of those little white darlings, one can understand his change of direction…

Risotto al tartufo bianco / Risotto with white truffle

risotto truffle tartufi

In fact, Salmon and Trota having re-mortgaged the cartoon kitchen (don’t ask), it was decided that a nice seasonal treat was in order. And with the beautiful tuber being the star of the show, the perfect backdrop is the humble risotto.

You will need: 200g risotto rice, 40g butter, a glass of dry white wine, a shallot, 1lt vegetable or chicken stock, 50g grated parmesan and – of course – the truffle (the Rowes’ was snouted at the crack of dawn on the Monferrato hills by skilled and highly disciplined hounds. Fidget should bear in mind that to be a top truffle pro, great dedication is required).

But enough digression: start by making sure your truffle is well cleaned by removing any soil residue very gently with a small knife or brush.

Now the risotto: slice the shallot very fine and fry gently in a pan with half the butter until softened. Add the rice and coat for a minute or two. Raise the heat and add the white wine; mix and let the rice absorb it, then – a ladle at the time – add the hot stock (which you have been keeping over a low heat). Carry on mixing and letting the rice absorb the liquid. It will take about 18min for the rice to cook, but taste regularly as you don’t want to overcook. It is ready when it is soft on the outside but retains bite on the inside of the grain – you might not need to use all the stock. When the risotto is ready and al dente turn the hob off, add the parmesan and remaining butter, mix well and let it rest for a minute or two. Serve the risotto portions and sprinkle with truffle shavings.

Heaven on a plate. Silence descends over the cartoon kitchen.

Has Fidget found a new mission in life? He’d certainly gain many friends around here, that’s for sure.