Liver and onions / fegatini di pollo alla veneziana

onion feelings

Hmm… getting in touch with their inner buffoon, more like – but don’t be fooled: those two clowns are less likely to be moved by the flood of their emotions than the rumble of their stomachs…

Liver and onions / fegatini di pollo alla veneziana

liver and onions

So, who likes liver? Well, four hands and two paws go up like a shot in the cartoon kitchen: everybody lurves liver! A traditional combination, with onions, is the big favourite. Calf liver is fine (in which case it will have to be sliced thinly to cook evenly), but on this occasion we used chicken livers.

You will need: 150g thinly sliced onions (a mandolin would be handy) – the Rowes like to combine onion and shallots, 300g liver and some plain flour for coating, ½ glass dry white wine, a small bunch of flat-leaf parsley, 30g butter, olive oil.

Start by gently frying the onions/shallots in 2tbsp olive oil until they turn golden. Add the wine and cook on high until the alcohol evaporates. Add the chopped parsley; mix and set aside (keeping warm).

Using the same pan, melt 30g butter, add 2tbsp olive oil and fry the liver (previously lightly dusted in flour). Cook for 2–3min per side: to stay juicy and tender, liver has to cook on the outside but remain pink on the inside. Return the cooked onions to the pan, mix well and serve immediately.

Earthy, flavourful and guaranteed to put a big smile on your face…no more tears.