Pork medallions with mustard crust and mash

This summer the weather’s been hit and miss, to say the least – and certainly not wall-to-wall scorchio – so Trota thought she’d trot out some mid-season comfort food… and having heard the word ‘medallion’ mentioned in the cartoon kitchen, Fidget decided to get right into the groove…

Pork medallions with mustard crust and mash


You will need a small pork fillet (350g will be plenty for two people) and a jar of mustard ‘a l’ancienne’ (in grains) 100–120g, sufficient to coat the fillet. Put the coated fillet in a food bag and marinate for an hour in the fridge.

Peel and core an apple, slice and use to ‘make a bed’ in a baking tray. Place your mustard-coated fillet on the bed of apple slices and cook at 200°/gas 6 for 20–25min.

Meanwhile, for the mash boil your potatoes (a medium-size potato per person) 20–30min until cooked. Peel and crush (add a sprinkle of grated nutmeg if you like), and cook for a further 10min or so in a pan, gradually adding milk (100–150ml) during this time to bind it all together. Finish with a knob of butter and a little grated parmesan. Mix well and keep warm, ready to serve.

When the pork is ready – cooked on the outside, slightly pink on the inside (cook it too much and it’ll be tough) – slice it in medallions about 1cm thick and serve with the mash and a few of the apple slices.

No wonder Fidget pulled out all the bling – he’s still top doggy dogg!