Monkfish with chorizo and sundried tomatoes


Sometimes it’s almost surreal what happens in the cartoon kitchen! Even the abbot got involved…

Monkfish with chorizo and sundried tomatoes


But no wonder – this dish is a revelation: simple, delicious, and quite perfect for a hot summer evening: dinner in the garden, sun going down, glasses of the chilled white… you get the picture.

Anyway, before we get carried away (or carted off), what’s needed is 250g monkfish (skin removed, as it can be bitter), 80g chorizo, 40g sundried tomatoes, the juice of a lemon, a small bunch of flat-leaf parsley (roughly chopped), 2tbsp olive oil. Serve with sweet Cos lettuce, quartered and dry fried on a griddle pan to give it attractive charred marks.

The fish is quick to prepare so you may want to start by griddling your lettuce. While this is happening, chop the chorizo into small cubes and fry in a large pan for 1–2min with the roughly chopped sundried tomatoes. Cut the fish into 2cm ‘medallions’, then (moving the chorizo/tomatoes to the edges of the pan), pour olive oil into the centre and fry your fish in it. Cook for a couple of minutes each side, reincorporate the chorizo and mix gently. Add the lemon juice, shake the pan to mix well and sprinkle with parsley. Serve with the griddled Cos lettuce on the side.

Taking orders, it’s second to nun – and might just turn into a habit…