Fish with potatoes and green beans

fish and chips

Now, apparently some people still prefer their fish served wrapped in newspaper…

Fish with potatoes and green beans

fish and chips

But for the more discerning customer, this is a simple and quick way to make a delicious fish dish. You will need fillets of white fish (one per person: sea bream, sea bass, cod or haddock will do), one medium potato per person and some green vegetables of your choice: green beans would be good.

Start with the potatoes: cut them into1½–2cm cubes, put them in a bowl and add 3tbsp olive oil, a good pinch of salt and some crushed rosemary leaves. Mix so that the cubes are well coated. Lay them on a baking tray over a sheet of baking paper and cook in a pre-heated oven at 190°/gas 5 for 30–40min, turning them a couple of times while cooking to avoid sticking.

Boil the green beans for 10min, rinse in cold water, drain and toss in a vinaigrette of 1½tbsp olive oil and 1tsp balsamic vinegar and set aside somewhere warm.

When your potatoes are nearly cooked get ready with your fish. Wash and pat dry the fillets, coat lightly in olive oil and grill on a griddle pan (oil the fish, not the pan). Start them skin-side down and cook that way for most of the time – only turn them over for the last minute.

A simple recipe that lets the ingredients shine through: the potatoes will be delicious and the fish delicate and subtle. If not for reading the celebrity gossip, who needs that newspaper wrapping after all!