Lemon chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables

lemon chicken

The simplest dish ever, you might say; but will it have Salmon reaching for that bottle of ketchup?

Lemon chicken with roast potatoes and vegetables

lemon chicken

Well, we don’t think so, and this is one of Fidget’s favourites for a lazy Sunday lunch.

You will need one whole chicken, 4–5 floury potatoes (Desiree, Maris Piper) and some other vegetables of your choice. Stuff the cavity of the chicken with onions and unwaxed lemons chopped into chunks. Place your chicken in a roasting tin, on a bed of sliced onions (you don’t want the skin of the chicken to stick to the tin). Cook in a pre-heated oven at 190°/gas 5 for 60–90min depending on the size of your chicken (check the packaging for guidelines), basting with the juices every so often. The chicken is cooked when, piercing the meat with a skewer, the juices run clear. You want the skin to brown but not to char: cover with some foil if necessary.

Separately, parboil your potatoes (skin on) in a pan of water for about 15min. Drain and leave to cool a little before you remove the skins and cut the potatoes into chunks. Put them in a bowl, add a good glug of olive oil, season, and sprinkle generously with crushed rosemary leaves. Mix well (don’t worry about scuffing the edges: you want that, because it will make them crisp up nicely in the oven). Layer the potatoes in another tin and put in the oven to roast with the chicken. For the other vegetables, judge the cooking time accordingly: for example, broccoli and green beans are likely to need just 10–15min, so put them in the oven close to finishing time.

When it’s ready, carve and serve. And don’t forget to use any leftovers in a nice chicken salad (you can boil the carcass for some tasty stock, too).

Well, we did say it was easy…easy and flavourful. No ketchup in sight!