Crab meat linguine

crab meat linguine

If any dish divides the Rowe household, this is it. In Salmon’s world, seafood comes with a tail so he’s deeply suspicious of crab meat. Which is a shame. And whenever Trota floats the idea of a quick supper, rustled up in minutes and he sees her reaching for the pack of linguine, Salmon knows he has to move fast. His usual go-to is that can of baked beans, but Trota reckons she can make this tasty dish in just ten minutes. So who will be left in the dust? Salmon or Trota?

Crab meat linguine

crab linguine

If you are with Trota, you’ll need 1 small fresh red chilli, 1 clove of garlic, 120g (drained weight) crab meat in chunks (from a can – not the dressed variety – simply in brine), 1tbsp oil, the juice of a lime, 160–180g of linguine pasta, a few leaves of fresh coriander.

Start by removing the seeds and chopping the chilli quite fine. Warm the oil in a skillet, gently fry the chilli and the crushed garlic clove for a minute or two; remove the garlic, add the crab meat and mix to warm (tinned crab meat doesn’t really need cooking).

Meanwhile cook your pasta and drain it. Add the lime juice to the crab meat and mix pasta and sauce together. Serve sprinkled with few coriander leaves. Done!

Oh, and slowhand’s still at the toaster…

So, not for the first time, Fidget was right to put his money on Trota…