Gnocchi al dolcelatte

gnocchi al dolcelatte

Fidget invites you to consider: could such a tasty dish be easier and quicker?

Gnocchi al dolcelatte

gnocchi dolcelatte

This is Italian comfort food at its very best, so despite Salmon’s legendary reluctance to embrace the exotic, Trota is sticking to her guns…

Start by putting 150g dolcelatte cheese (or gorgonzola if you prefer) and a knob of butter in a heatproof bowl and place over a pan of water (you will use this to cook your gnocchi). Bring the water to the boil – by which time the cheese and butter will have melted. Put the bowl aside while you cook 350g gnocchi in the boiling water. Watch out! It only takes a couple of minutes: you put them in and when they start floating they are ready. Drain and transfer the gnocchi to the bowl with the melted dolcelatte. Mix well and serve.

It’s only fair to say that Salmon is not yet converted to blue cheese, but Fidget is keeping an open mind. And if you want the real Piemonte experience, serve with a traditional glass tumbler of gutsy Barbera or Nebbiolo. Not for the faint hearted, but for those who can appreciate its earthy qualities, insanely delicious…and in just minutes.