Fidget Approved

Fidget Approved

Fidget certainly gets around in the kitchen and he loves playing with Trota’s latest toys: the state-of-the-art savarin tin, the whisk that incorporates the most air, the piping bag that gives perfect icing results… not to mention his latest finds in tasty products and gourmet ingredients. So, if something gets his pawprint of approval, we’ll let you know: Fidget Approved.

Fidget’s marvellous signature pawprint chocolates

chocolate paw prints

To make these you will need two things (and the chocolate, of course):

One is the silicon chocolate melting pot, which you can use in the microwave. Find it at Lakeland:

The other essentials are the silicon moulds – we got these from Bake and Create:

Then it’s just a matter of melting the chocolate (dark, milk, white, anything goes) pouring it into the moulds and letting it set. You can be creative and add chopped pistachios or other nuts, or even a touch of liqueur.

And, of course, Fidget got to scrape the pot. Well, someone has to…

Fidget Approved