Duck with plum sauce the Fidget way



What do you get if you whizz up “…some garlic, a red chilli, some lime and a bunch of coriander – stalks and all – with a slug of olive oil?”: Jamie Oliver, of course!

Anyway, moving on – inspired by Jamie’s 30-minute meals, Fidget has whizzed up something marvellous today, with just a few ingredients and in double-quick time. Would you like to try?

Duck with plum sauce the Fidget way


First, prepare the dressing: in a small jug (or tumbler) mix 60ml plum sauce (Fidget’s favourite is Gressingham Plum & Hoisin), 20ml rice vinegar, the juice of ½ lime, and a small fresh red chilli (seeds removed) finely chopped. Wash and chop a small bunch of coriander and set aside.

Now the duck: you will need one duck breast per person. Pre-heat your oven to 200°/gas 6. Wash the duck breasts and pat dry, then criss-cross score the skin taking care not to cut through into the meat. Pan-fry the duck, skin side down (no need for oil as the duck releases its own fat) for about five minutes; turn and sear the other side for one minute then put on an oven tray (again skin side down) and continue cooking in the oven for about 15 minutes. Make your own judgement about time in the oven: 15 minutes will cook two breasts with an approximate combined weight of 350g. You still want to see the meat slightly pink when you slice it.

Depending on which side/vegetable dish you want to serve with it, cook alongside. For example, we’ve enjoyed braised pak choi in the past, but on this occasion we just had some tender leaf salad and steamed jasmine rice (we added the juice of the other ½ lime to the rice cooking water).

Plate your sides, slice the duck and arrange on the plate. Add a couple of spoons of the sauce and garnish with the chopped coriander. Against all odds, even Salmon mustered a grunt of appreciation for this dish. Fidget and Trota must have done something right. And all in under 30 minutes!